Brown to bring the DTI down

There's been a hodload of speculation over what Gordon Brown's imminent move to Number 10 will mean for the much-maligned Department of Trade and Industry. And it looks like MT's columnist Richard Reeves is soon to be proven right - the department may well be about to break up.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Brown has always been immensely sceptical about civil service flab, and any doubts he does have over the DTI would be well-founded: the idea of a body that can stick its nose into too many aspects of business without having full responsibility for any of it seems to be a waste of red tape. Indeed, for a long while no-one has been able to tell what the department actually does, a point driven home by the laughable attempt to rebrand it a couple of years back.

Brown, however, is on a mission to put some verve back into his party and government. Hence, we're told, responsibility for energy is to go to the Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs, and trade policy to the Department for International Development. And with Gordo being such a big fan of entrepreneurialism and good old getting-your-hands-dirty business, it's likely that what remains of the department will be reborn as something much more pragmatic.

We may have to wait a few days to find out exactly what Gordo's masterplan will involve. For now, click here for a special web preview of Richard Reeves' feelings on the DTI, from July's issue of MT.

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