Builders spend 9 nights away from home every month

Britain's brickies also travel further than other tradespeople, clocking up more than 1,100 miles every month.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2014

The UK’s men and women in white vans are a hardworking bunch, travelling increasingly far to get to jobs and spending almost a whole working week every month away from home.

The average tradesperson travelled 355 miles every month in 2013 to get to work, a 6% rise on 2012, and spends 4.8 nights in beds other than their own, according to research by insurers Direct Line for Business.

Builders are by far the hardest sloggers, spending nine nights away from home a month and travelling 1,125 miles. Plasterers come in next, with 7.7 nights and 436 miles. Your ‘general handy man’ (MT cannot fathom why women are excluded) drives (presumably) 540 miles, but only misses home for 1.8 nights.

The survey only interviewed 74 people, so the research is sparse at best (you'd think Direct Line could've stumped up the cash for a few more phone calls). However, because MT loves its own handiwork, here are some beautiful graphs illustrating those 74 hard-grafters.

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