Business Aspects of Closed-Loop Supply Chains - Exploring the Issues

Closed-loop supply chains are good for the environment and can serve as profit centers for companies. As such, there is currently great interest in the topic, including this book edited by Professors Daniel Guide and Luk Van Wassenhove. Based on the proceedings from the Carnegie-Bosch Institute’s International Conference on Closed-Loop Supply Chains in spring 2001, the book covers a number of issues, including product design, consumer behavior, and supply chain actors.

by Luk Van Wassenhove, Daniel Guide
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Edited by Daniel Guide, Department of Supply Chain & Information Systems, Smeal College of Business Administration, the Pennsylvania State University, and Luk Van Wassenhove, the Henry Ford Chaired Professor of Manufacturing and Professor of Operations Management at INSEAD, <i>Business Aspects of Closed-Loop Supply Chains: Exploring the Issues</i> is a compilation of 13 chapters addressing the latest thinking on the subject, ranging from “The Economics of Remanufacturing” to “Product Recovery Strategies” and “Reverse Logistics Network Structures and Design.” The book also highlights major gaps in knowledge pertaining to closed-loop supply chains and calls for more research in these areas. They include:<UL>

<LI>How design influences the ease of recovery and the recoverable value

<LI>How consumers react (marketing)

<LI>How IT may be used to facilitate product recovery

<LI>How we (firms and society) should understand the value (or loss) associated with these activities (accounting)


Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2003

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