BUSINESS BULLET: Why the long face?

In his second short, sharp, straight-into-the-brain advice piece, Professor Colin Turner suggests a few ways to get your business - and your mood - out of the doldrums.

by Colin Turner
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

A survey found that playing children laugh an average of 450 times a day, while working adults laugh just 15 times.

Admittedly, work is rarely going to outpace hopscotch, tag, and ‘stick in the mud’ in the fun stakes but there must be a way to get back at least of few of these extra 435 laughs lost each business day.

Maybe 435 new sales, customers or clients would help…?

This is probably an unrealistic goal for wannabe smilers. Instead, you could try practicing the five ‘R’s:

1.    Review the way you go to market and generate demand for your services in a way that feels authentic.

2.    Re-inspire yourself by looking at new ways to increase your self-confidence and your capacity to handle business challenges.

3.    Revisit your strengths and remind yourself why you are good at what you do best, and why your customers choose to keep revisiting you.

4.    Redirect your business to where you wanted it to go when you started. When you skid on ice you must keep focused on where you want to go, not on where you are being forced to go.

5.    Re-instill the entrepreneurial characteristics that were so instrumental when founding your business and which have been forgotten over the years.

Picking any of the above could be an effective way to bring a smile back to your face. But if that fails, consider mud pies.

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