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Getting promoted - Keep your eye on the ball. It's good to be ambitious...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

...but don't be so focused on that board position that you neglect what you're doing now.

Be confident. You're well within your rights to want to progress, so don't fret that you're betraying your workmates. Get out there and make sure the powers that be know who you are and what you've done.

Tell your boss. Being half out the door is distracting enough without having to hide it. Share your plans and they may wave the carrot of greater responsibility and a pay rise. You'll enhance your reputation with the board.

Keep it smart. An invitation to 'come in for a chat' with the boss doesn't mean turning up with a hangover. You're up against external candidates eager to impress - ignore the casual tones, don that suit and go prepared.

Tread carefully. Don't put your ambition before the needs of your current team - your route to the top may not go as smoothly as planned and you don't want to make enemies.

Keep a lid on it. It may pain you to keep quiet, but blabbing about your movements to your workmates can backfire. Get something concrete before you spill your news.

Stay grounded. If you're chosen ahead of others, remember you were once in their shoes. You were picked because you're good, so share your skills with your colleagues when they need it.


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