Business in the raw: MT's new charity calendar

Ever wondered what our top business leaders looked like in the altogether? Now you can find out.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

As the UK’s favourite business monthly, one of MT’s top priorities is to try and portray a more positive image of UK plc to the wider world. Sadly, recent events have done substantial damage to the reputation of business and management, and significantly eroded the general public’s trust in our corporate leaders. We’re desperate to change that. And we think the best way of doing it is to strip away the barriers that have risen up between Britain’s top bosses and the average man on the street; to remind everyone that behind the sharp suits and PR-friendly jargon, our top corporate titans are just ordinary people, like you and me. So when it was suggested that we put together a 2011 MT nude calendar, featuring some of our top business leaders just as nature intended, we naturally jumped at the chance.

We know it might seem like we’re jumping on a bandwagon here. After all, even Ryanair’s done a calendar. But this isn’t your bog-standard FHM-style ‘chicks in bikinis’ effort. This is almost a philosophical exercise, where the literal nudity of our corporate models metaphorically peels back the layers of separation between us and them. Furthermore, it’s all for a good cause; every penny of proceeds from the calendar will be divided up between 12 charities chosen by our monthly posers.

Now, hang on a minute, we hear you say – surely you’ll never get Britain’s top businesspeople to pose naked for a calendar? But don’t forget: some of these people do huge amounts of work for charity behind the scenes, and are always open to the idea of fundraising initiatives. And with MT’s long and distinguished history of corporate portrait photography – no magazine has done more to make our top bosses look good – they trust us to make them look terrific.

We can’t go into too much detail about who’s involved yet, because we’re still crossing the is and dotting the ts on the agreements. But suffice to say there’ll be some household names in there. Just to whet your appetite, we’re hoping to see Sir Stuart Rose in (or possibly out of) a pair of the famous M&S Y-fronts; Dame Marjorie Scardino in one of the summer months, with only a copy of the FT to preserve her modesty, and Justin King wearing nothing but a bag of Gala Apples as Mr September.

Forget Kelly Brook, or the girls of Hollyoaks, or that bloke off Twilight. We want to make this the biggest-selling calendar of 2011. But we’re going to need your help. Leave your messages of support below, or if there’s a particular business leader you’d like to nominate, please send a full length shot of the individual concerned (nudity optional). Thanks for caring.

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Business in the raw: MT's new charity calendar

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