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Do you do a big-time job in part-time (or flexible) hours? This is your last chance to enter the Timewise Power 50. Nominations close this Friday.

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Last Updated: 31 Oct 2017
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Swapping your energy-sapping, full-time work slog for part-time hours, job-sharing or flexi-working doesn't have to spell the end of your career.

Over the past few years, we've been profiling the country's top 'flex-execs'; the bosses and senior managers who do big jobs on part-time (or flexible) hours. And they range from all sectors - from food and finance to government and greentech. Check out some of our role models below.  

If you know someone who’s doing brilliant things on a flexible basis, help us champion their achievements and inspire their colleagues by nominating them for this year’s Timewise Power 50 list here.


Entries for the Timewise Power 50 awards will be judged under the following categories:

  • Power Part Timers: Leaders who demonstrate successful flexibility in action by working at a senior level four days or fewer per week.

  • Power Climbers: Middle managers who are tipped for the top, progressing their careers while working four days or fewer per week.

  • Power Job Sharers: A pair of senior individuals who work together in a job share or job split, showing by example that two heads can be better than one.

  • Power Returners: Professional people who have returned from a career break of two years or more into a senior role on a part-time or flexible basis. May have come via a returner programme or other routes.

  • Power Founders: Small business founders who have used their start-up status to give themselves the chance to work flexibly. Nominees must have been trading for a minimum of two years (no sole traders) and have an annual turnover above £500,000.

  • Plus…


    Organisations with a strong track record of creating jobs with built-in flexibility to suit employer and employees alike, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach.


    Organisations which are consistently willing to offer flexibility at the point of hire, and aren’t afraid to shout about it.

    Nominations close this Friday and the list will be revealed on MT at the beginning of next year. 

    Ounal Bailey

    global director of adult portfolio brands & new ventures, Britvic
    Works 4 days per week

    An ‘intrapreneur’ within Britvic, Bailey is co-founder of incubator company WiseHead Productions, which focuses on developing new drinking experiences for when people are socialising. Her previous successes include the launch of the multi award-winning concentrated soft drink Robinsons Squash’d.

    A Britvic employee for 10 years, she changed her work schedule in 2014 to support her husband’s recovery from cancer and to care for her son. Bailey has been instrumental in developing key areas for WiseHead, from brand development to sales and marketing. She has secured exclusive listings for its first product in venues including Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason, pioneering a new alcohol-free ‘zero proof’ drinks category. The second brand from WiseHead, The London Essence Company, has been launched to tap into the growth in premium spirits with a range of skillfully distilled mixers.

    Jessica Butcher

    co-founder and director, Blippar
    Works 3 days a week

    Butcher is co-founder and director of Blippar, the leading ‘visual browser’ business, which utilises sophisticated artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to bring the physical world to life through the 'eye' (camera) of a smart phone with educational, entertaining content. Following her second maternity leave, in early 2016 Butcher returned to her business on a part-time basis. In the last year, she has connected the business to high-profile business partner interest, and promoted Blippar’s profile and game-changing technology at national conference events and in the media.

    Hailed as one of Britain’s most successful new technology businesses, Blippar has attracted funding in the region of £100m and was recently ranked ninth in CNBC’s global ‘Disruptor 50’ list alongside the likes of Uber, Airbnb and Spotify.

    Arpad Cseh

    senior investment director, UBS
    Works 2.5 days a week

    Cseh is an executive director in the infrastructure team of UBS Asset Management, which provides financial advice to clients worldwide. A UBS employee for 16 years, he moved to his part-time arrangement in 2016 in order to work voluntarily on setting up a climate change initiative, aiming to align climate action with the short-term and self-interest-dominated priorities of decision-makers.

    In his client-facing role at UBS, Cseh plays a key part in the acquisition and management of significant investments and works on the launch of two infrastructure funds with combined capital of over $2bn. He also serves on the supervisory board of an Austrian waste management company and is a member of the UBS Investment Committee of the Infrastructure Debt Platform.

    Lynette Holland

    R&D director & technical expert, Coty Luxury
    Works 3.5 days a week

    Award-winning scientist Holland leads fragrance technology development at Coty Luxury, building partnerships with world-class institutions and utilising state-of-the-art technologies to create products for brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss and Lacoste. Originally employed by Procter & Gamble before Coty accquired the division she worked for, Holland has been working part time since 2003, to spend more time with her children. She was promoted to Principal Scientist in 2011.

    Holland has filed multiple patents that have revolutionised perfumery and resulted in multi-million dollar sales. She regularly features among the company’s top global talent in its internal scheme ‘Recognition Shares’, and was presented with a global innovation award (given to just one employee from 150,000 annually) for her pioneering work in co-inventing fine fragrance products including cyclodextrins, which are now used widely across the industry.

    Read the full Power Part-Timers list here.


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