CEB: The Corporate Future

The only constant for today’s executives is change: as many as 87% expect change initiatives to remain at current levels or increase over the next three years.

Rapidly shifting market realities are forcing organisations to adopt new growth strategies and accelerate transformation efforts to stay competitive. In fact organisations today are frequently involved in multiple—often simultaneous—enterprise changes, such as launching new growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, IT transformations, entrance into new markets and new product development. 

Yet only a third of change efforts are clear successes, and half are clear failures.

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Leadership pipelines are broken

Traditional approaches to succession programs are no longer effective in today’s unpredictable, complex business environment. What it means to be 'ready now' looks very different than it used to, with leadership having to operate within constant organisational change, and with more change expected for the foreseeable future.

The most successful organisations are moving away from a pipeline approach to succession and are managing their talent like they manage their financial investments. Find out why.

The digital enterprise in 2020

Digital strategy and digital transformation are now board-level conversations.  We have identified six shifts that IT must prepare for in order to identify and prioritise digitisation opportunities to remain competitive . Read the full list.

How SAP increased revenue by 27%

The software giant decided to launch Challenger selling worldwide.  In just three years, they turned their salesforce into creative marketers who helped their clients solve key business challenges – and ultimately close more deals . See how it transformed their sales results.