CEB: Future of Finance

Finance leaders are struggling to improve their ability to provide strong financial guidance to the business. Finance teams must find new ways of closing the 'guidance gap' and avoid jeopardising future profitability, but it will only become harder to meet increasingly complex and growing demand in 2020.

CFOs have traditionally relied on third-party expertise for help in managing this heavy influx of responsibilities, but reliance on outside parties does not help Finance deliver on critical guidance work, such as building analysis delivery templates and training the business to use financial analysis.

CEB’s new whitepaper, ‘ Finance in 2020: Six Capabilities to Make Finance Future-Proof’ , highlights the approaches that progressive Finance leaders are using to rebuild six critical guidance capabilities in their teams, to support its evolution alongside the business.

1 Finance Leadership: Case-Based Interviews 

2 Financial Planning and Analysis: Problem-Focused Analysis

3 Shared Services: Problem-Solving Culture

4 Accounting: Contextualised Data

5 Tax: Junior Stretch Roles

6 Investor Relations: Activist War Games

Download the White Paper , ‘Closing Finance’s Guidance Gap – Why It Doesn’t Pay to Rent Expertise’ to identify the six capabilities that Finance functions need to ensure a profitable future for their organisations.