CEB: Future of IT

Over 60% of business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitisation to remain competitive, so it’s no surprise that digital strategy and digital transformation are now board-level conversations. This broader use of technology creates unprecedented opportunities for IT leaders, but the hype surrounding emerging technologies and digital business models make it difficult for IT to cut through the confusion to establish the potential and goals of digitisation with business partners.

Using the expertise of C-suite executives, venture capitalists, technology innovators, futurists and thought leaders, CEB ‘s new white paper, 'The Digital Enterprise in 2020' , examines six shifts that will help IT and business leaders to both identify – and prioritise – digitisation opportunities. 

Six Digital Shifts IT Must Prepare For:

1 Demand grows more personal 

Customers seek services that align with their preferences and values as individuals (not segments) and demand lower-effort, nonintrusive service.

2 Products become information-rich services 

Value creation shifts toward information-rich services, and companies facilitate or broker services through an interface.

3 Data reliance deepens 

Customers depend on data, especially from peers, for purchase decisions. Managers and employees use data for virtually every business decision. The overabundance of data and its uncertain veracity make it harder to reach answers quickly.

4 Work adapts to machines’ broader role

Increasingly able to learn and adapt, automation moves into more complex, less structured activities. There is greater need for employees to demonstrate judgement, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.

5 Internal and external boundaries blur

Companies collaborate through more open external models. Internally, functional boundaries and hierarchies give way to fast-changing matrices. Employees pursue flexible roles and varied employment models and career paths.

6 Everything accelerates (except large companies)

New capital-light competitors scale rapidly. Demand changes at a faster rate, but size, complexity, and regulation slow incumbent responses.

Download the White Paper to understand how these six shifts can help to support your IT planning and investment through to 2020.