Celebrate in style, with YouTube

How to gloat about personal success, with Ace Ventura, Rocky, and the class of Rydell High...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Yesterday we watched as the GCSE students at the school across the road came to pick up their exam results, prompting all the usual excitement. Yet among those celebrating their A*s (no apparent concerns about grade inflation there), there were also those who didn't get the results they wanted. And it's the same at work. The office is a competitive environment, and often your individual or team successes may represent a failure for others. So how do you celebrate in style, without losing friends in the process?

Think of others. When you're flushed with professional success, it's easy to forget that your victory may have been a loss for someone else. So go easy. Unlike in Ace Ventura, where the eponymous pet detective teaches the police a thing or two about investigative work - and can't resist the opportunity to rub their noses in it.

Keep it personal. Often the most diplomatic way to celebrate personal milestones is in private. Or at the top of the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art at the crack of dawn, as in this famous scene from Rocky. Our eponymous hero has pushed himself through a gruelling training schedule, and his run to the top of the steps is a symbolic representation of his personal and professional apotheosis. Or something. The music’s good too.

Spread the love. That said, celebrations are a lot more fun when they're communal. Whatever the excitement of the kids outside our window this week and last, they'd have to go some to match the end-of-school celebrations at Rydell High. Although of course, complicated song and dance routines like this finale of Grease are a lot easier to pull off when you're a bunch of improbably-old-looking dancers, as opposed to school kids.

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Celebrate in style, with YouTube

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