What CEOs are reading - November 2018

Adapting to a changing world, smart marketing and social leadership are the themes of this month's essential book list.

by Richard Kilgarriff
Last Updated: 22 Nov 2018

Growing up we learn continuously from other people, but as a leader you are often expected to be the smartest person in the room.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that you stopped learning as you narrowed your social circles in life, mixing with other professionals in your chosen field. That’s why the company you keep in books is incredibly important, giving you original, memorable insights from brilliant minds in great company.

In this month's essential reading list for CEOs, you can connect with people who have over a century of knowledge between them. Time reading their work is time well spent if you want to learn smarter, faster, forever.

This is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

Seth Godin

Marketing guru

Great marketers don't just make noise, they make the world a better place, gaining power through empathy, generosity and emotional intelligence.

The New Silk Roads - The Present and Future of The World

Peter Frankopan

Visionary historian

The New Silk Roads brings Frankopan's previous bestseller up to date, addressing the present and future of a world that is changing dramatically.

Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Klaus Schwab

Founder and exec chairman of the World Economic Forum

People from all backgrounds and sectors can influence the way that technology transforms our world.

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in The Age of Isolation

Dan Shawbel

Partner at Future Workplace

A more socially connected workforce creates greater fulfilment, productivity and engagement while preventing burnout and turnover.

A Short History of Europe

Simon Jenkins

Chairman of The National Trust

The story of its evolution from a battlefield of warring tribes to peace, wealth and freedom - a story that twists and turns from Greece and Rome.

The Contagious Commandments: Ten Steps to Brand Bravery

Paul Kemp-Robertson and Chris Barth

What makes an idea so infectious you can't keep it to yourself? And how can brands produce these kinds of ideas intentionally rather than by chance?

How to Be Right in a World Gone Wrong

James O'Brien


People have been fooled into thinking the way they do, so what are the key questions to ask to reveal their fallacies, inconsistencies and double standards.

Richard Kilgarriff is editorial director of Bookomi, a service for leaders who are readers. 

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