How to change career in your forties

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by MT Staff
Last Updated: 03 Aug 2017
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Tune in to Changing Lanes, a podcast about the emerging trends that are impacting the over-40s – Generation X – and their mid-life career decisions, encouraging them to take back control, explore the opportunities and meet the challenges.

It’s a podcast brought to you by Management Today and Vauxhall Motors, and hosted by Ian Wylie and Claire Hawthorn.

In this first episode we’re focusing on… drum roll… the career path is dead! Long live the career cycle! Our lives, increasingly, feel less like one-way trajectories and more like recurring cycles – and that’s a good thing, because it gives us the chance to have multiple careers during our lifetimes, mixing and matching our interests and passions with our need to pay the bills and put food on the table.

We meet a 40-something trained architect who now builds ‘extreme cakes’, a former farmer who works at the other end of the food chain, a lawyer who quit the City to design country homes and a journalist whose successful business story includes founding a wellbeing centre, a fragrance company and a bakery… not to mention chocolate company Green and Black’s.

So for the moment at least, let’s park the notion that it’s only 20-somethings in hoodies who can be entrepreneurs. After all, the average age for starting a business is not 25, but 40. But while many of us recognise the gnawing feeling that we might be in the wrong job, sometimes we need a prod, another voice to say, ‘Time to make a left turn.’

So listen to Changing Lanes for insights, research and advice that might just change your life.

Photograph of Josephine Fairley, co-founder of Green & Black's, who features on the podcast

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