Cheer up, Brits

As a finale this week, why not join us in a disparaging chorus of air violins (and accordions): the UK's workers are apparently the second-worst whingers in Europe - behind, quelle surprise, the French.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012
The revelation comes from a survey of workers in 23 countries, which quizzed people on their happiness with pay, actual income relative to cost of living, and worklife balance. It found 40% Brits to be unhappy with the weight of their wage packet, and nearly the same amount feeling they don't get enough holiday.

There must be something in the air. In the same week, the result of another survey lands on our desk, this one from recruitment consultant Badenoch & Clark, which found 24% of the country's office workforce to be unhappy at work. 

Time perhaps to start badgering your boss for a payrise, and greater flexibility in your timetable. For starters, note that, as part of Work Wise Week, today is national work from home day. So if you find yourself moaning that you're overworked, you'd better log out, pack up, and head off homeā€¦ Then of course get in, sit down, boot up and carry on.

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