Cheryl Cole launches shoe collection

The Girls Aloud singer has bounced back from her X Factor snub to unveil a new line of shoes. Will the popstrel-turned-entrepreneur do a Victoria Beckham/Kate Moss on the footwear world?

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013
Cheryl Cole has teamed up with online shopping service Stylistpick to create her new eponymous range. And she is the bona fide designer, not just a figurehead, says CEO Felix Leuschner. ‘Cheryl has been engaged at every stage of the design process, even creating names for individual styles,’ he gushes. Every pair in the range was born out of one of her sketches and she chose all of the materials and colours – she’s a natural talent (she should be, she does own 2,000 pairs). ‘Having your visions come to life is an unexplainable feeling. It’s, like, dreamy,’ she says.

There are currently 12 styles to choose from, from boots to platforms. And she’s not targeting the teenyboppers with this collection either. While Stylistpick’s other lines all retail at £39.95, these heels are aimed at women with a few more pennies to spend. Prices range from £79.90 to £119.85 a pair.

This is a savvy move from Cole. She follows in the footsteps of erstwhile pop queen Victoria Beckham, who made also the leap into fashion in 2004. Beckham's chosen canvas was jeans back then, but she soon began dabbling in handbags, jewellery, and then a full collection. The ex-Spice-Girls star has won awards for her creations and has replaced her nineties-steeped ‘Posh Spice’ youth with a refined, ‘I’m on the front cover of Vogue’ period of life.

Kate Moss too, in her collaborations with Topshop, has beguiled a whole new generation of young women even as her supermodel fashion shoots have dwindled. Philip Green made a few bob from the partnership too: turnover at Topshop shot up by 10% off the back of ‘By Kate Moss’ threads.

This could be a similar insurance policy for Cole. Fashion design is certainly more enduring that pop stardom. The music industry never entirely adapted to today’s piracy age and stars are having to tour well into their senior years to make a crust. Rather than rely on an umpteenth Girls Aloud reunion to keep her in her dotage, if this venture takes off, Cole can rely on her design skills to keep her in headlines and out of Cash Converters.

Stylistpick could make a bomb from the partnership too. The business is backed by venture heavyweights Index Ventures and Accel Partners to the tune of £5.1m and aims to make the company the next ASOS. Stylistpick just has to make sure that Cole keeps her nose clean for duration of the contract – something that Moss didn’t quite manage.

You can have a gander at Cheryl’s shoes here.

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