China: The Race to Market

How can the business world make strategies for a country as multi-faceted and complex as China? In his new book, Professor Jonathan Story helps to answer three essential questions: What direction is China’s development taking? Will China successfully emerge as a world power? And what do we need to know to do business with, or invest in, the emerging China? In doing so, he provides sharp insights into how to tailor corporate strategies to local conditions.

by Jonathan Story
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

The rise of China is creating both opportunity and alarm. Predications and assessments vary, but the consensus of opinion is that within the next few decades the world’s most populous country will also boast the world’s largest economy, perhaps overtaking the US by 2030. But much still stands in the way of the realization of China’s potential. How far will this transformation go and what are the implications for business?

According to Jonathan Story, we have to understand the forces making China’s future before we can learn about making business strategy there. Markets, politics, demographics and technology all have a role to play.

This book discusses the drivers and possible outcomes for the development of China – covering issues such as Sino-American relations, entry to the World Trade Organization, the state-market relationship, and internal reform – and sets out a framework for understanding and doing business with the China that emerges. The author helps you and your business to answer three essential questions: what direction is China's development taking? Will China successfully emerge as a world power? And what do we need to know to do business with or invest in the emerging China?

Pearson Education, 2003

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