Chinese Twitter-like microblogging site to charge fees

Stat of the day: £1. The biggest microblogging site in China, Sina Weibo, has started charging users £1 per month to use its more advanced features.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Sina Weibo is China’s version of Twitter, and while it is insanely popular (it has 300 million registered users) it suffers from the some monetisation problem as all the other social networks. Sina Weibo was spurred into action however, by the £9m loss it made in its first quarter this year, and has introduced the fee-paying memberships at 10 yuan (£1) a pop, in an effort to squeeze some profit out of business. 

Paying members will be able to add their own pages with personalised text and images, improved security on the user account, as well as ‘voice notes’ with recordings of the user’s own voice. It is rumoured that around 15 other features will be available to those who fork out, but the site is keeping schtum for now – no press releases available or announcements on the site... 

It is a little odd that Weibo is practically unknown in the west, given that it has twice the number of users as our Twitter, at 300 million. But then, who knows if it is any good, and to what extent #censorship affects the user experience…

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