COMING UP FAST: Andy Law, St Luke's


Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


MY BEST ... I took a risk and extended the ad agency brand to different markets. We wanted to go to a marketplace where the managers had an appetite for our rather curious brand of entrepreneurialism. You can only go where you find the right people. It's not always dependent on market size or on the customers. Stockholm has paid off in dividends and we've now done the same in Bombay. We've developed a model that works. Our people took a deep breath when we went to Stockholm, but we based it on our own rulebook of how to make things work. And now we know how to grow the company organically.

MY WORST ... I let a group of our senior managers set up a sort of business within a business at St Luke's. It fostered a sense of isolation around that group and resentment from other managers. They were pretty senior guys and I didn't give them a timeline or a budget level. It ended up being very expensive - probably around pounds 250,000 - and it didn't go anywhere. In the end, the team left. It was only four or five people, but from a total of 50 employees it was a significant percentage. We lost money and we lost people. It was fairly traumatic at the time, and it made me decide never to do something like that again.

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