Coming up fast: Mark Dixon, Regus

Coming up fast: Mark Dixon, Regus - DECISIONS

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010



'Delaying the intended (pounds 800 million) flotation of Regus last year. The world was saying 'go', but growth businesses were not well understood and the timing was wrong. Parts of the company were immature and had yet to prove themselves - the more growth you put behind you before IPO, the better. Although we spent a lot of money on preparation - streamlining processes and management - it wasn't wasted. We've been operating like a public company ever since but without the certificate. I believe we should float but only when the timing is right for us. There is no need to rush to market.'


'Not tackling the US market sooner. I took a conservative approach because I'd read a lot of horror stories. Regus had to be strong in Europe before we took on the US, and we didn't move across the Atlantic until 1999. I discovered that the US is full of companies that want our services. Demand is growing in the new and the old economies as traditional firms realise that sticking to what you do best and outsourcing the rest works. I could have done it five years earlier. The US operation has already overtaken the UK one in sales revenue, and the size of the organisation worldwide doubled in six months.'

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