COMING UP FAST: Stephen Hall - Gamestation

COMING UP FAST: Stephen Hall - Gamestation - DECISIONS

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


MY BEST ... We started trading in a very small unit on a temporary lease on the outskirts of York. Our best decision was to move to a bigger unit with a longer lease. It showed that we believed we'd hit a winning formula in computer retailing with Gamestation and that we were committed to the business for another five years. Eventually we used the money we made from that unit to expand the firm. Having a bigger unit also meant we could display more goods - it probably doubled our shelf space. It increased our footfall, too, as we were nearer the town centre. As a result, we immediately started turning over more money.

MY WORST ... I used to base my recruitment on fairly inappropriate criteria in that I made an effort to employ people I already knew and got on with. Within a year I learnt that this was wrong - you're not employing people to expand your social circle; you employ a person to do the job. One of our earlier managers was someone I never thought I'd employ when I looked at his CV - he was nothing like me. But he turned out to be fantastic and stayed with the company a long time. On the other hand, we once took on someone we knew and ended up firing him for theft. It can be difficult to talk hard business with somebody you know as a friend.

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