JULIA HOBSBAWM - In 'the business of networking', Hobsbawm leapt at the chance of reviewing Superconnect, turning the tables from when we reviewed her The See-saw: 100 ideas for work-life balance. Asked if she manages to strike a balance, she says: 'On a good day, I have plenty. On a bad day, I'm in minus figures.'

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

DAN SABBAGH - Sabbagh, who makes his MT debut, spent 10 years on Fleet Street at The Daily Telegraph and The Times, and is now in the freelance clinic. When not writing about revenue sources for the press, he is testing the economics of web publishing to destruction, running media news site, Beehive City.

RICHARD REEVES - Ex-MT columnist and former economics nerd Reeves was happy to return to his first love and write a feature about the 'new economics'. It's a wonder he had time: between his usual responsibilities as the head of Demos, Reeves has also been in high demand as a commentator on 'new politics'.

ANGUS WALKER - After freelancing at among others The Guardian and New Media Age and before that a long stint as chief sub on Emap's Broadcast, Walker joins us in Hammersmith. When not applying a final polish to MT's prose, Walker is a keen traveller and is here depicted exploring the backwaters of Cuba.

DAVE EASTBURY - Eastbury, who illustrated MT's article on paid web content, would struggle with Fleet Street deadlines. The Beano cartoonist confesses he sometimes suffers from the illustrator's version of writer's block and 'stares at a blank piece of paper and doodles idly'. Can't see that going down well at News International.

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