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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


When he was the FT's industrial editor in the '80s, filing award-winning reports from the frontline of the miners' strike, John Lloyd didn't imagine that 15 years later he'd be interviewing the 20-something technologists driving the new economy boom. But for this month's MT, Lloyd unearthed hidden stars of the internet. Writing for the New York Times, the New Statesman and as Moscow correspondent for the FT, Lloyd has been able to make some sense of globalisation.


New MT columnist Helen Wilkinson has recently reinvented herself as a entrepreneur. Social commentator and pioneer member of modern think-tank Demos, Helen has written on the new gender landscape and changes in work and family life. Previously, she was a current affairs producer for the BBC and columnist for the Independent. Six months in San Francisco enabled her to 'rediscover her creativity'. Now she's back to launch her new community business for e-lancers (


Peter Mead's humane advertising agency has been captured by Gunnar Knechtel, a young German photographer living in the UK. Last year's winner of the Observer's Hodge photography award, Knechtel is enjoying London's 'freer and more open media market'. He works for several German titles, including the Sueddeutsche Zeitung's magazine, and is in growing demand here. He is pursuing his own projects, including a study of futuristic, utopian cities, such as Brasilia.


Our new Inside Out columnist Robert Peston wears one badge of honour with pride ... according to one Westminster figure, he is regarded 'with contempt' by Alastair Campbell, the PM's official spokesman. Until recently he was political editor, and then financial editor, on the Financial Times, and is now editorial director of Quest, an online financial analysis service for global investment funds. In 17 years on the FT and the Independent, Peston has won several awards.


Reporting politics for ITN for over a decade, Jackie Ashley is a familiar sight in the corridors of power. Having freelanced for the past two years, she has now assumed the distinguished post of political editor of the New Statesman. A former '70s feminist, Ashley is interested in the networks that female entrepreneurs have set up as an antidote to testosterone-charged, male-dominated groups. In this issue, she shows how these women are 'doing it for themselves'.


The newest member of the MT editorial team, Crush jumps from planes and runs marathons for a hobby. He joins from Human Resources magazine where, as feature writer, he earned a reputation for his tough interrogation of the likes of Martha Lane Fox, Sir Richard Noble and Virginia Bottomley. Crush admits that sometimes the occasion can get the better of his pursuit of truth: in an interview with the charismatic athlete Kriss Akabusi on the subject of leadership, he said: 'Go on, do that laugh ... '

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