Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Mark Lasswell grew up in St Louis, Missouri, a lifelong supporter of the Cardinals baseball team. So why was he spotted near his New York home buying armloads of Yankees gear? His feature on the tie-up between that American sporting leviathan and Man United provides the answer. Lasswell, who is editing a book about Rudy Giuliani's thoughts on leadership, admits his son Charlie is a Yankees fan but promises his baby daughter Jemma will never go the same way.


Guy Browning had mixed feelings about revealing himself as the creator of John Weak, the most politically incorrect manager on the planet and author of MT's Weak at the Top. The inevitable book deal has now led to Weak at the Top: The Uncensored Diary of the Last Cavemanager, which hits the shops this month. But as you can see, Browning, the perfect picture of caring fatherhood, is not at all like his literary creation.


Ranked the eighth most powerful woman in Britain by MT last year, Denise Kingsmill is deputy chairman of the Competition Commission and has been chosen by the Government to head an independent review on women's employment and pay. The Kingsmill Review will analyse pay and conditions among female staff at nine blue-chip firms, including BA and Granada. Check out MT's books section for her top tip on the best business book to buy this Christmas.


Not even his experiences with New York's subway could have prepared Bob Kiley for the tough job of troubleshooting the London Underground. When the Government realised he was not going to play ball with PPP, they demoted him from chairman of London Transport to commissioner. But the outspoken Bostonian refused to be silenced: shoulder-to-shoulder with Mayor Livingstone, he fought the proposals in court. In this issue, Kiley voices his opinion on Stephen Halliday's Underground to Everywhere.


Describing his work as 'conceptual documentary', David Moore has been a photographer for 10 years. He works between London and New York and in the past year has been involved in advertising campaigns for Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Heineken, Sony and Adidas. Of his recent photo shoot for MT at Man United's Red Cafe he says: 'It was very red. And the food was really expensive: pounds 8 for burger and chips is a crime.'


In this month's 'If I had to start again', Lord Powell of Bayswater reflects on a career that has not only bridged the gap between politics and business, but also shifted from one side of the political fence to the other. Margaret Thatcher's right-hand man back in the 1980s, he was recently a key player in Tony Blair's tour of the Middle East after the World Trade Center terrorist attack. He also applies his diplomatic skills to the company boardroom of Sagitta Asset Management, where he is chairman.

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