Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Nicholas Coleridge, who reviews Ros Taylor and John Humphrey's Fast Track to the Top this month, knows all about glamorous speeding in the outside lane. He has been successively editorial director and managing director of magazine publisher Conde Nast since 1989. He also swaps the hats of top businessman and best-selling author with ease. The Guardian hailed his 1999 novel StreetSmart, a satire on the world of fashion glossies, as 'shallow but satisfying'.


Val Gooding climbed the ranks of BA before swapping the wobbly world of aviation for lucrative private healthcare. She became BUPA's boss three years ago and has made the pounds 2 billion business profitable again. Bouncing back from a blocked pounds 230 million acquisition, she recently sealed a deal to run a surgical centre solely for NHS patients. She is also a key player in the Government's controversial plans to reduce NHS waiting lists. This month's In My Opinion presents her views on the informed consumer.


MT's features editor delves into history this month, looking back at the bright young cyber-hopes who comprised the first MT/Bain ^e25 index of web start-ups in November 1999. Andrew Saunders, who was there at the birth of (and fondly recalls wetting the baby's head at countless launch parties and First Tuesdays), finds that, despite spectacular failures, 20 of the 25 are still in business - 'a tribute to the strength of our original selection process'.


Vernon Ellis will be relieved that his life is not as dramatic as that of the fictional management consultant in John McLaren's Running Rings. When Accenture's international chairman isn't reviewing crime thrillers for MT, he gets his kicks at the opera - his prime passion. He is a member of the Digital Opportunities Task Force and a regular author and speaker on entrepreneurship, globalisation and other international business issues. Ellis has been with Accenture since graduating from Oxford in 1979.


Photographer Tom Miller had an educational time at his shoot in New Covent Garden market, with this month's Coming Up Fast entrepreneur Gregg Wallace. 'I still don't know much about the fruit-and-veg business, but I know a hell of a lot more dirty jokes,' he assures us. Born and bred in north London, Miller has 20 years' experience taking portraits of the rich and famous for, among other publications, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and Red magazine.


First featuring in MT as a Young Meteor back in 1999, Nick Denton is now a regular columnist. This month's E-mail from the Valley is really from south-east Asia, where the founder is taking a well-earned beach break. Let's hope he doesn't encounter any typhoons out there like the one kicked up on this month's Letters page. Comments in his November column on Julie Meyer and the state of the European community provoked a powerful response.

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