HELEN KIRWAN-TAYLOR - American journalist and MT regular Kirwan-Taylor sympathises with her 'Work with Meaning' interviewees: 'Many people find themselves trapped by a decision they never meant to make.' She is currently writing her first book on the service industry, due early next year.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

SIR DEREK HIGGS - It's hard to think of corporate governance without Higgs, author of the DTI report on non-execs, springing to mind. Who better then to review Trust Matters by Kourdi and Bibb? He chairs Partnerships UK and Business in the Environment, and is a member of the Financial Reporting Council.

REBECCA HOAR - MT's section editor wrote the feature on 'meaning at work' and found it a popular topic: 'It's the modern holy grail. People work long hours and want to do something they find personally fulfilling.' She is pictured here searching for meaning in the French Alps; she found it later during the apres-ski.

MARK LASSWELL - Following Pixar's bust-up with Disney, Lasswell examines how the little computer animation outfit turned into a movie hit factory. The Finding Nemo studio doesn't appear, by the way, in a new book he co-authored, The Dumbest Moments in Business History. Lasswell lives in New York.

ANGELA SCOTT - Raised in Africa, wildlife photographer Scott strayed from her usual subject matter, big cats, to shoot pilot Johnny Beveridge for 'Work with Meaning'. Voted BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2002, she spends much of the year in the Masai Mara for the wildlife books she co-writes with her husband.

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