Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

New York-based Lasswell is MT's newest editor at large - our man on the other side of the pond. He reviews two big tomes on Empire USA: Niall Ferguson's Colossus and Chalmers Johnson's The Sorrows of Empire, finding one a 'curiously bifurcated book', and the other 'a frothing rant'.


Starting his career as an army officer before turning to journalism, Wynne-Williams was posted by MT to Iraq's frontline to investigate the business of terror. He found himself moved by how ordinary people tried to go about their daily lives. 'They are the real heroes,' he says.


'Saving Wales' author Cook travelled down to the valleys on Air Wales to find out how the principality is transforming itself for business in the 21st century. A near-empty plane indicated that it isn't the business destination of choice - yet. Cook now edits MT's sister title Third Sector.


The former chairman of strategic marketing consultancy the Henley Centre has been happy to pass on his insights to top managers. But, as Hayward admits in 'I Showed Them the Future...', they don't always take action. He was the founding MD of BBH Futures and commentates on marketing issues.


Award-winning photojournalist Braden took the pictures for 'The Business of Terror'. Of her time with Peace-Keeper International she says: 'It was fascinating. They make police body armour only in black because people get shot more often wearing camo.' Previous projects include a stint in Gaza.

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