LORD BIRT: Any regrets? That was the burning question MT put to Lord Birt, former DG of the BBC. Read Brainfood's 'If I had to start again' to find out what he said - no doubt his words will be scrutinised by Beeb execs. Lord Birt is now special adviser to the PM.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

STEFAN STERN: In a full and fun-packed career, Stern has worked for a range of inspiring and challenging bosses. This month, he distils this experience into a handy MT guide to management types. 'I am the boss in my house,' he says, 'and my wife has given me permission to say so.'

CLIVE HOLLICK: Imagine sauntering up to the golf course with your regular playing friends, then hitting a perfect, jaw-dropping drive. It's a golfer's fantasy, and UBM's CEO Hollick was tasked with finding out whether The Swing Factory could help make the dream a reality. Retiring next year, he'll have plenty of time to practise.

HAZEL DUNLOP: Photographer Dunlop was dispatched to Claridges to document our 'Winning the Talent War' debate - a step up from her first MT commission to shoot cut-price sandwich shop Benjys. Her work has appeared in The Times and Telegraph, though she is most proud of a project on drag queens.

OISIN O'MALLEY: MT's new art deputy hails from New York, and cut his teeth in the UK at Investors Chronicle. An avid sportsman - tennis, volleyball, cycling - O'Malley puts the MT Limeys to shame, but confesses to an addiction to giant pretzels. He plans to perfect his English accent and indulge his passion for photography.

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