Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Through MT's annual Top 100 Entrepreneurs list, Beresford has become the chronicler of Britain's enterprise elite. Aside from his love of trains, he says true happiness is tracking down new entries for his other magnum opus, the Sunday Times Rich List, which he has worked on for the past 16 years.


Caulkin, the Observer's management editor and a veteran MT contributor, has often pondered why the best-laid personal plans go awry. 'The same is true for companies,' he says, arguing that the first step to regaining control is to ditch the budget. 'Business no more obeys a 12-month cycle than life.'


Computer Weekly's executive editor picked up his deerstalker and magnifying glass to investigate government IT for MT. 'Sadly, "keeping it simple" has become an anachronism for government projects,' sighs Collins. When not poking around the public sector for stories, he writes books.


The writer of Brainfood's 'Are you suffering from ...' arrived from New York 15 years ago. Doing up her north London home proved so stressful, she determined to spare others the traumas. The outcome, Home UK: A Word of Mouth Guide to the Best Services, will be published in April.


Internationally renowned for doing original things with wood and metal letterforms, Kitching's typography has adorned stamps, book covers and theatre posters. He took on 'Escape From the Budget Straitjacket' for MT after completing a typographical mural for the Guardian's offices. He teaches at the RCA.

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