ROD ALDRIDGE - Are leaders born or made? Capita Group's chairman found himself contemplating this question while reviewing Living Leadership for MT. As a living leader himself, Aldridge found that the book contained 'excellent practical lessons of good leadership', despite the 'mystifying' final chapter.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

JOHN MORRISH - It has been a while since Morrish, Brainfood contributor and author of 'New Life for Old Brands', felt hip, but when Sanctuary Records pressed some new CDs on him, he was able to say he already had them, which 'just shows how successfully the music industry has geared itself to the middle-aged'.

HARRY BORDEN - Our new contributing editor, winner of two World Press awards, has shot MT's interviewees for the past six years. This month's photocall with Michael Spencer lasted only 10 minutes. 'It ended with me running downstairs with him and shooting him, paparazzi-style, getting into his big black Merc.'

DANIEL ROGERS - In marketing and PR before he became a journalist, Rogers fears he has spent 'too large a chunk' of his life visiting trade fairs, the subject of this month's Survey of Surveys. However, as newly appointed editor of PR Week, he suspects the delights of London's ExCel venue may not yet be behind him...

ANNE BRAYBON - MT bids a sad adieu to its multi-award-winning art director. Braybon joined the 1998 relaunch team, helping shape the magazine into a market leader. 'I wanted to find a visual language for Blairite business,' she says. Her new portfolio career includes consultant to the NPG, editorial design and belly dancing.

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