Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

FRANCIS BECKETT: A former editor of two business magazines, Beckett is also a biographer of two Labour PMs: Clem Attlee and Tony Blair. Writing about Blair's management style in this month's MT, Beckett is clear on who he prefers: 'Attlee was one of the most effective political managers ever to occupy Number 10.'

FIONA WALSH: 'If it's sophistication you're after, stick to Bond Street,' advises the London Evening Standard's business features editor, who scoured the high street to research MT's 'value' retail feature. 'If you want a bargain, go to TK Maxx. By 2009, £1 in every £4 spent on clothing will go into its tills.'

GAUTIER DEBLONDE: French-born photographer Deblonde took the portrait of Caroline Whitfield, the entrepreneur behind Blackwood Distillers, Shetland's spirits business. 'She didn't offer me a drink, but it was only half-past-nine in the morning,' he laughs. Deblonde is working on a project of Arctic landscapes.

PAUL ARNOTT: Arnott considers himself expert on two subjects: Mr Kipling's product range and raising four children. A film producer and writer, he lives in Devon, where he is chauffeur and financier to his busy quartet. He reviews Full Time Father, a book that applies management-speak to paternal obligations.

STEVE LODGE: Former personal finance editor of the Independent on Sunday and Daily Express, Lodge wrote MT's first personal wealth quarterly. 'Being good at making money in business doesn't automatically mean you're expert at managing your own wealth,' says Lodge. His top tip? 'Be wary of financial fads.'

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