Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Careers in journalism and academia have given Myerson access to enough offices to explain why he champions well-designed workplaces so strongly. Author of The 21st Century Office and MT's 'Strategic Moves', he is director of InnovationRCA, an innovation network at the Royal College of Art.


The chairman of ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO was suitably fascinated by The Advertised Mind. The best ad campaigns push the right cerebral buttons and Snowball says the book pushed hers: 'It is the next intriguing instalment in understanding the workings of the human brain.'


MT's contributing editor is not convinced he'd make a very good boss. Being a manager is an increasingly thankless task, as he reports in 'Let's Reclaim the M Word'. Stern is enjoying the self-employed freelance life, however. 'My appraisal of myself went very well again this year,' he reveals.


Multi-millionaire publisher Dennis takes time out from his poetry writing to pass judgment on Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Managing to refer to slithy toves, Genghis Khan and The Revelations of St John, he demands: 'If Gladwell's system is so effective, why is he still a staff writer on The New Yorker?'


Management Today is not the first MT for new art director Brown, having worked on Marxism Today from 1986 to 1991. A proud Orcadian and committed F1 fan, she masterminded last year's redesigns of Campaign and Marketing, and is also currently writing an MA dissertation.

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