Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

With a degree in French and Spanish, Condon decided the logical area to join was computers. But after concluding that IT was better as a spectator sport, he switched to journalism and has been covering the industry ever since. MT called on him for our piece this month on corporate dashboards.


The man behind Slogan Doctor and Words-Worth has always loved words, puns and jingles, and family legend has it that Morrish learnt to read from petrol station signs while still in rompers. If he were to be cast away on a desert island, his book of choice would be the Oxford English Dictionary.


BUPA's chief executive is perfectly placed to measure the vital signs of women in business - hence MT invited the mother of two to review A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom. But Gooding found only a few practical answers to the struggles she, along with many other women, has faced.


MT's newest recruit is the third graduate from the London College of Communication to join the team, but the first West Country rapper and former stand-up comedian. Having started his journalistic career at PrintWeek, a sister publication of MT, Waller will be editing the Brainfood pages.


Mixed-media artist Hickey illustrated this month's IT feature deep in his Brighton 'bunker' - safe, he says, from the hordes of middle-aged fashion victims that roam the town's streets. His work ranges from advertising and design to editorial, and has appeared in the Observer, Times and Independent.

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