Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

General Motors' chairman and chief executive has to defend the world's largest vehicle manufacturer against cut-throat competition and a crippling healthcare burden. His best and worst decisions for Brainfood encompass battles with the unions and foreign expansion.


As co-chair of Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy, EMI's chairman was the ideal reviewer for Knockoff, Tim Phillips' book on the world's fastest-growing crime wave. Nicoli agrees that the damage done by dodgy CDs reaches far beyond corporate pockets.


Having grown up on a hilltop farm, it's a mystery to Wylie, author of MT's 'New Power Generation', why wind power remains such an untapped resource. 'Let's just say my forebears were masters of understatement when they named the farm Breezemount,' says the Guardian contributing editor.


Stuff magazine's editor-in-chief pens the Technolife Christmas guide to the best in business-related gadgets. And Dunmore is a full-time techno-head: when not busy with the world's best-selling gadget magazine, he can be found 'playing with shiny toys and giggling like a lunatic'.


The illustrator of our Most Admired business leaders says the task was epic. 'It's the Ben Hur of illustrations,' he says, 'without the chariots.' As a freelance artist, he's a business too, but says he is not a threat to the big boys yet. Winter's work also appears in Time Out and the Guardian.

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