ALAN RUDDOCK: A columnist with the Sunday Times in Ireland, Ruddock captures the state of Northern Ireland's economy for MT this month; he finds the figures 'far bleaker than its dreary politics'. A Life in Full Flight, his book on Ryanair - which started life as an MT feature - is published by Penguin this year.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

MIRANDA KENNETT: Our First-Class Coach, who last year quizzed Britain's business leaders on life at the top, found the perfect way to prepare for her wedding: writing our 'View from the Middle' feature. Interviewing middle-rung managers, Kennett finds a group every bit as engaged in their work as their bosses.

PAUL ARNOTT: If he had some spare cash, Arnott says he would invest it in the UK's boom sport - female football. Having helped light the touchpaper in his part of Devon, he set out to discover how business is meeting the explosive demand in 'Different Ball Game'. Arnott is an author and journalist.

JOHN ADAIR: The former Scots Guards platoon commander reviews Robert Greene's The 33 Strategies of War and isn't won over. He says its enemy-centric approach offers little to business, and he should know - Adair was instrumental in ICI's 1980s transformation and has written more than 40 books on leadership.

LEON CSERNOHLAVEK: Photography for 'Different Ball Game' took Csernohlavek to the FA's HQ, a trip that 'would have been sweeter if Luton Town hadn't been dumped out of the Cup'. He knew little of the women's game but says: 'You have men and women's decathlons - why not football?'

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