Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The FA's director of football development contemplates his career in 'If I had to start again'. It has been a game of three halves for the polysyllabic Sir Trev. He has carved a successful niche in broadcasting and sports administration and is now one of the most respected figures in football.


Economist Kay reviews The Origin of Wealth by Eric D Beinhocker, which looks at how new ideas are affecting established economic theory. Kay hails it as 'the best business book of the year' - strong praise from the academic, who admits it's chastening to realise the author is a mere McKinseyite.


The co-founder of the Leon restaurant chain and one-time MT cover star reviews Jumpstart Your Career by Philippa Lamb and Nigel Cassidy. Take such self-help with a pinch of salt, he advises. As one who swapped consulting for the kitchen, Vincent sees no substitute for getting out and doing it yourself.


The editor of Young People Now once spent three months as a professional gambler, but jacked it in when he realised his profits were going in taxes.

MT sent Barrett back to the turf and table to investigate the meteoric rise of Betfair and PartyGaming in the tax-free world of online betting.


London-based Day handled the Betfair photography, briefed by MT to come back with some informal shots. The company's founder showed up in an unsettling combo of shorts, sandals and socks . Day's next shoot will be easier on her eye: a 24-hour bushcraft expedition to the Inner Hebrides.

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