COLIN TWEEDY - MT called on the Arts & Business CEO to review Chris Bilton's Management and Creativity, a book in search of a symbiosis. Tweedy has found it in his own career: he is also a director of the Oxford Stage Company and a trustee of both the Serpentine Gallery and the Ideas Foundation.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

LYNN BREWER - Enron's whistleblower reveals her best and worst career decisions. Brewer joined the energy giant with high hopes, but describes the reality of the boardroom as 'horrendous'. Now running her own Integrity Institute, she will be speaking next month at the Institute of Risk Management's annual Risk Forum.

CHARLES BREMNER - Expat journalist Bremner has been The Times' Paris correspondent since 1999, following postings in NY, Brussels and Moscow, and has written about France for much of his career. Even before Les Bleus almost snatched the World Cup, he was convinced France would overcome its fit of the glums.

STEFAN STERN - As he grows a little fatter, a little balder and a lot greyer, Stern finds himself increasingly interested in the debate about age at work. His latest musings on the subject appear in this issue. He clearly has his hands full: daughter Josephine, here at eight months, is now a rumbustious 15-month-old.

GAUTIER DEBLONDE - A Frenchman going home to photograph Danone's camera-shy boss, Deblonde found Franck Riboud in a 'lovely' mood - perhaps because he'd just acquired a ticket for the next day's France-Brazil footie clash. Deblonde's Arctic landscapes are at the Natural History Museum till mid-September.

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