Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Crisp and the NHS went their separate ways in March, when he stepped down as chief exec as news broke of the organisation's financial troubles. Here he reviews Jim Collins' Good to Great and the Social Sector, and is impressed by his ideas. Perhaps Crisp's successor should take a look too.


'We're in charge of our own confidence,' says Kennett, who looks at self-assurance this month, 'but it's largely in the eye of the beholder.' She was reminded of this recently, sitting on the Princess Diana bench at the Taj Mahal: 'Diana was riven with self-doubt, but exuded grace and inner strength.'


While his grand pronouncements on management may be lapped up by grateful readers, Stefan Stern's daughter, Josephine (18 months), plus slightly sceptical wife, Rachel, are not so biddable. Stern profiles Joseph Stiglitz, guru of globalisation, in our cover story this month.


When not riding his bike, MT's features editor uses the Underground for his daily commute, but went down the Tube in the wee small hours for our story on how PPP is panning out. His verdict? 'Work is being done, but the contracts are so baffling that value for money is harder to quantify.'


Illustrator Best applies his 'hand-made' method to our feature on confidence. He says his line of work requires a less cocky approach. 'Maybe it would be different in business,' he adds. His artwork appears in the Independent and the Guardian, and he has just completed a guidebook for the V&A.

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