CILLA SNOWBALL: Ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers' CEO offers tips for a literary Yule. She picks authors as diverse as Al Gore, Charles Handy and Lynne Truss, and even finds room for poetry. Each work has earned what Snowball calls the 'ultimate "positive referral" endorsement' - ie, she's passed them on to her friends.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

MIKE BROWN: Professor Brown spent the past year collating data for Britain's Most Admired Companies. With the results out, the Nottingham Business School man can get some much-deserved daylight. This is the 15th year of his survey, one of the most keenly awaited exercises in the corporate media calendar.

TOM DUNMORE: Stuff's editor-in-chief has been playing with shiny toys for a living for the past seven years, and now lives in a nest of discarded technology. Here, he helps sort the wheat from the techno chaff. Dunmore co-presents Channel 5's Gadget Show and has written for the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday.

EMMA DE VITA: Can you have too much too young? Our newly married section editor gets to grips with early career burnout - not her own, but that of her high-flying 30ish contemporaries, victims of Accelerated Success Syndrome. De Vita plays it cool, 'happy to scoot along on a Vespa at a wobbly 35 mph,' she says.

BEN WACHENJE: Illustrator Wachenje captures the razzamatazz that is the Most Admired awards, casting Leahy, Dunstone et al as movie stars prowling a red carpet. The Harlow man began his career as a spraycan artist, but his unique style has since won him work with BT, Toyota and Microsoft, as well as GQ and Maxim.

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