CHARLES HANDY - The management thinkers' Michelangelo had a busy 2006, with the arrival of his first two grandsons and two new books, Myself and Other More Important Matters and The New Philanthropists. Here, he reviews Russ Ackoff's f-Laws. 'It's not often you find wisdom and fun so well combined,' he says. PHILIPPE LEGRAIN - Legrain, an authority on globalisation, presents us with the argument for immigration. His positive view of the foreign-worker phenomenon is persuasive - and not just if, like Legrain, you're an Arsenal fan. He is a contributing editor at Prospect and a regular economics commentator on BBC TV.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

ANDREW WILEMAN - Like the authors of The Three Tensions, Wileman has made his living as a strategy consultant. He also knows a bit about tension: the book raised his blood pressure with its blindingly obvious points. But, mindful that MT might one day send his own book to these authors for review, he also found ideas to admire.

JOHN MORRISH - The writer of 'Try a Finer Brushstroke' (p44), Morrish has always been on the side of life's underachievers, rebels and troublemakers. But then he became a magazine editor, and had to manage some. These days, as a freelance writer and editor, he concentrates on getting the best from a team of one.

JULIAN DODD - MT's staff photographer was quite excited at the prospect of a trip to Samsung's HQ. When he discovered he was going to Seoul, South Korea, rather than its UK base in Chertsey, Dodd was ecstatic. 'They were very warm, generous and eager to please,' he says of his hosts. His work is on this month's cover.

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