Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Hamburger Union founder sinks his teeth into My Secret Life on the McJob and finds it a fascinating account of unskilled worklife. He should know: he's been chicken-farm assistant, sprout-picker and hot-dog man. Oh, and management consultant ('less skill required, but more talk'). DAVID BULL

Unicef UK's executive director reviews A Billion Bootstraps. As well as being a practical guide on how to help end poverty via 'microcredit', this book offers plenty of enlivening anecdotes to sweeten the pill, finds Bull. He joined Unicef in 1999, after a spell as director of Amnesty International UK.


Our star columnist has been toiling at his biography of John Stuart Mill, 'the greatest public intellectual in British history'. The intensity of the task got to him - when his doctor asked his weight recently, he gave Mill's instead. The book will be issued by Grove Atlantic to mark Mill's 201st anniversary.


Brainfood's editor dons his green hat, writing a profile of emissions control pioneer Johnson Matthey and launching his section's Economics spot. Waller is pictured researching wave power in southern France. His conclusion: when the swell is big, leave the surfing to your mates and watch from the bar.


The Lancs-based illustrator is inspired by the colours and cultures he finds in places like Thailand and Cambodia. He worries about his carbon footprint, but it pays off in his work. The fruits of his labour can be seen in MT's new Economics column, as well as in Big Issue and Prospect magazine.

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