Paul Walsh

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Diageo's CEO pours on the praise for Allan Leighton's book On Leadership, describing it as full of 'funny, poignant and pungently illustrative stories'. Walsh should know about leadership: he runs one of the world's top drinks firms, with a market cap of £28.5bn and more than 22,000 staff.

Jeremy Bullmore

With a distinguished career at J Walter Thompson and eight years as MT's agony uncle under his belt, Bullmore has seen his share of change in how we work and live. Here he reviews The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen. It's essential reading, he says, even if it is a bit 'doomsday'.

Matthew Lynn

The Bloomberg columnist examines the impact of private equity on the City, comparing its dominance with that of M&A bankers 10 years ago. Lynn recently abandoned London for leafy Kent. When not frolicking in the aftermath of climate change, he writes regularly for the Spectator.

Mark Vernon

An avid blogger, Vernon could hardly not be glad of greater mobility in working: he wrote this month's feature on mobility from the south of France. Still, he believes in communicating face to face. After all, screens screen. You can read his 'Philosophy of life' blog at

Matthew Richardson

A lover of juxtaposition, Richardson illustrates our new City piece with portraits of dogs in suits. His work often features animal imagery, but don't expect cuddly puppies playing with loo rolls. He recently illustrated a new run of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, out now in Penguin.

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