LUKE JOHNSON - Channel 4's chairman reviews The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable, and says it would 'pay our political leaders to study' it. Why is Johnson so keen to improve our leaders? He reckons author Nassim Nicholas Taleb's ideas on judging risk could 'help deliver a more sensible civilisation'.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

HENRY ENGELHARDT - The Admiral Group CEO hasn't stuck to the path. He's native to the US, got his MBA in France and now lives in Cardiff with his wife and four kids. Here he reviews Break from the Pack, a book that preaches being 'curious, cool and crazy'. To Engelhardt it's simply 'ordinary'.

EMMA DE VITA - 'Awed and inspired' was De Vita's reaction to the achievements of MT's 2007 '35 Women Under 35' list, but she couldn't help feeling 'a little inadequate'. MT's editorial team has little sympathy for her: the award-winning section editor has just returned from a solace-seeking holiday on the Amalfi coast.

ANDREW WILEMAN - In 1982, getting his MBA from Harvard Business School, Wileman co-wrote a thesis on 'a sexy idea': how software could be written remotely in India. Twenty-five years on, Indian firms are the big global gatecrashers at the IT supply chain party, and he e-mailed his copy from a wi-fi hub in Bangalore.

JONATHAN ROOT - A photographer for more than 20 years, Root is no stranger to shoots with big cheeses - he recently snapped Europe's royals for Vanity Fair. So we called on him for our cover shoot. 'Photographing five professional models together is hard enough,' he says, but MT's cover stars made light work of a tough job.

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