Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Nebraska-born Sams reviews Raj Patel's Stuffed and Starved, about the battle for the world's food system. It's vital reading, he says. He should know. When not busy running Green & Black's Organic Chocolate or chairing the Soil Association, he tends his organic vegetable patch at home in Hastings. IAN WYLIE

The author of our feature on the New New Philanthropists thinks hedge-fund and private-equity managers are giving away huge sums because they just like big numbers. Wylie (pictured with latest baby, Seth) does a lot of work for charity himself but, of course, 'doesn't like to talk about it, mate'.


Reeves wrote this month's cover feature on CSR. His biography of 'Britain's greatest liberal', John Stuart Mill, will be published in November by Atlantic Books. That should put an end to what has been an all-consuming obsession. 'My family have vowed to shoot me if I go near a book again,' he says.


Our First-class Coach is critical of management consultants this month, but admits she was briefly one herself. 'Not a very good one,' claims Kennett, as she likes people more than profit margins. She spends her time coaching in London and drawing in Provence, and is planning an exhibition of her pastels.


The man behind our CSR cover has an enviable carbon footprint, having ditched London for the Isle of Wight three years ago. His car now hardly leaves the garage, and it's just a case of bonfires in the garden and paint-tubes. Venables' hand-painted artwork has featured in ads for companies from BA to Guinness.

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