Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

As the deputy books editor at the Wall Street Journal, Lasswell has seen a few too many dreary polemics about the evils of American imperialism. Happily, Cullen Murphy's The New Rome turned out to be an entertaining spin through Roman and US history, even if burdened with anti-Bush points. STEFAN STERN

You are as old as you feel. 'Do I look 87?' asks Stern. Grey since birth - well, nearly - Stefan has been feeling his age a bit recently after spending time listening to members of Generation Y. But he balances this out by considering Boomers and Gen X, in our feature on inter-generational conflict at work.


The professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School delves into the murky world of the family business. He finds that blood, although thicker than water, is often not thick enough. Nicholson is also a public speaker, journalist and business adviser.


Our new designer left her home in Dublin to become the first Irish member of the MT team. She's also the most energetic - a fan of adventure sports, clubbing and running marathons. So is she enjoying London? 'Love it, love it so far,' she says. Such youthful enthusiasm. We'll soon sort that out.


Dodd's relationship with TV was ruined by reality shows. And at our cover shoot with ITV boss Michael Grade, reality bit him again. He offered the arch cigar-smoker a Montecristo Number Two, which Grade turned down. Either Grade is molto relaxed or Dodd needs to start buying classier smokes.

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