Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The co-founder of REN Skincare reviews Find Your Lightbulb, by Mike Harris, the brains behind First Direct and Egg. He knows about lightbulbs too: he'd considered starting everything from a fried-chicken shop to a sweet factory, before his wife's skin complaint gave him the idea for a natural skincare firm.


The BBC business editor reviews David Rothkopf's The Superclass, which ponders curbs on the new economic elite. Peston is well versed in what can happen when the powers turn a blind eye to fiscal folly - he recently scooped a Harold Wincott award for his reporting of the Northern Rock debacle.


Wileman unsheaths his pen to describe the might of the sword in 'Sharpen up your cost control', an excerpt from his new book, Driving Down Cost (Nicholas Brealey, June). The MT regular was a senior partner with OC&C Strategy Consultants, and with Booz Allen and BCG in the US and Europe.


Looks like the Brainfood editor picked the wrong time to quit drinking - just as we commission him to write a feature on the vodka industry. Not that he lacks experience. An earlier trip on the Trans-Siberian railway had him necking vodka with Russian sailors and a toothless boxer from Vladivostok.


Ryder illustrates our cost-cutting feature with axe-wielding knights. One time he used similar imagery, the work got the chop. His employers hadn't clarified how dark they wanted it. (It's quite dark enough for me - Ed). His work appears in the Guardian, and adorns this year's Glastonbury promo material.

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