Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Davidson (pictured with younger sprog Rosa) does anything he can to avoid supermarkets, so he was intrigued to meet Ocado's founders for this month's cover feature. He ordered £70-worth from their website - and paid for it, despite their offer of a freebie. Delivery driver David in his Cabbage Van was exemplary.


Russians are embracing shopping in a style Carrie Bradshaw would admire. But it's not all caviar and champagne. We sent retail commentator Butler into the hinterlands, where karaoke machines and cheap microwaves are driving the retail revolution. Butler left The Times last year to go freelance.


The FT sports columnist was a cricket nut through good times and ducks for 25 years. Interviewing Ed Smith, Middlesex captain and brilliant batsman, his envy was made worse by Smith's intelligence. Kuper is author of Football Against the Enemy and Ajax, The Dutch, The War.


Our deputy editor gets his calculator out this month for the mammoth stat-fest that is MT's Global Salary Survey. So who has got the biggest package? US bosses do best, but UK HR heads are the highest paid in the world. Business journalists? 'Some questions are better left unasked,' says Saunders.


A former singer in a band called Frenzy, the Belgian has been brightening our Crash Course since 1999. In illustrating the Salary Survey, he found he'd be better off as a sales exec in China. The good news: beer in Belgium costs the same as in India. Regout's work appears in the Guardian and Cigar Report.

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