Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The Times' motor-racing correspondent profiles the legendary Bernie Ecclestone. Gorman reported on the Soviet/Afghan conflict, the first Gulf War and Bosnia before switching to cover yachting, his hobby. 'After years on the Ulster Troubles, F1 is the second most intense subject I've reported on,' he says.


The boardroom veteran reviews The Secrets of CEOs. It offers useful nuggets, says Myners, chairman of the Tate, Guardian Media Group and Land Securities. But you'll have to wade through 'acres of management babble' to get there. He suggests another source of inspiration: cinema's Coen brothers.


Having witnessed the proliferation of estate agents near his central London home over two decades, Bennett was baffled that so many survived. But times are tough. MT sent Bennett to Manchester, a city of much property speculation, to see how one agent is faring in the teeth of the downturn.


As editor of What Car?, Fowler has been helping car buyers for 10 years. Here, he compiles MT's annual list of top fleet cars. Fowler is an advocate of downsizing - not only shedding 3 1/2 stone earlier this year, but swapping his big 4x4 for a more frugal BMW convertible. 'What mid-life crisis?' he asks.


When MT's in-house photographer tried to orchestrate the cover shoot with Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 supremo barked: 'Don't tell me what to f**king do. I tell people what to do.' Dodd remains clueless as to the exact nature of his crime, but Ecclestone clearly doesn't like saying 'cheese'.

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