Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The author/TV producer has just filmed a documentary in Barbados on Cromwell's white slaves - 'easily the jammiest job of my life'. For MT, he draws on his experience of the Indian movie industry to profile Kishore Lulla, a UK mogul who has made more than £200m exporting Bollywood worldwide.


For our MBA Guide, Ashridge Business School's CEO writes 'an attempt to describe academic research for the corporate community'. Peters believes these two worlds are too far apart, and that business schools should produce more material that managers can understand and use.


'They are a good bunch at MT,' says Reeves, writing his final column for us this month. 'I'll miss them. And they have mostly left my copy alone, for which I am mostly grateful.' After years of opining about how to manage people, he is off to run the think-tank Demos. MT will miss you too, Richard.


Brainfood's editor investigates identity at work, an issue that has caused him trouble in the past. 'As a youth, I worked with a guy in Israel who spent three months calling me Geoff,' says Waller. He suffers no such problem any more - all notions of self have now been beaten out of him.


A lifelong freelance, our 'Death of the Bollocking' illustrator has no boss, but he has had the odd talking-to. In the '60s, he was sent to draw artist Mark Rothko in his New York studio. Rothko derided the work as 'awful'. 'I went out into the New York night with my tail between my legs,' says Scarfe.

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