PETER YORK - Lynda Gratton's Glow prompted an allergic reaction in York at first. The social commentator found himself sniffing at the book's 'Principles of Glowing', which sent him into an 'absolute tailspin of snobbiness, cynicism and all-round non-positiveness'. Then he warmed to her. Still, hardly a glowing review.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

NILS PRATLEY - The Guardian's financial editor reviews Colin Cameron's You Bet - The Betfair story. As an inspiring guide to entrepreneurial triumph it's worth a punt, reports Pratley - even if the odds on the internet company's success were so short that it left the story somewhat lacking in drama.

IAN WYLIE - Having written our MCA Awards coverage for the past four years, Ian Wylie has learned rather more about outsourcing and shared services centres than might be considered healthy. But he's happy to report that most consultants he spoke to are, going forward, learning to jettison the jargon.

STEFAN STERN - MT's contributing editor explores the world of 'Human Remains', rephrasing Edwin Starr's question to ask: 'HR ... Huh! What is it good for?' Nothing, you may say, apart from pointless surveys and box-ticking. The current climate doesn't help, yet Stern unearths HR types who are hopeful for its future.

JONATHAN ROOT - It took Root a week to recover from our Veuve Clicquot Business Women shoot. He's no novice at photographing powerful women: in a 30-year career he has worked with Zaha Hadid and Bella Freud. Yet this group of six, of all ages, together, had its challenges. Root publishes a retrospective book this year.

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