ANDREW DAVIDSON - Twenty years ago, Davidson was asked by the BBC to screen-test for a job as an on-camera reporter. He didn't get it, but never found out why. He blames incipient male-pattern baldness. No such problem for BBC boss Mark Thompson, whom he grills for the MT Interview. The DG likes to stay off-camera.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

GEOFF TRAVIS - Listening to 15 seconds of The Strokes' debut album The Modern Age was enough to convince Rough Trade Records' founder Travis to sign the band. But just 15 pages of 50 Cent's autobiography The 50th Law, which Travis reviews for MT this month, was enough to convince him he didn't want to read any more.

HANNAH PREVETT - You'd have thought an accident resulting in an unscheduled trip in the Essex Air Ambulance would dissuade our new Brainfood editor from taking part in equestrian events. Sadly not. We're just pleased to see her in one piece on a Monday morning after a weekend's horseriding in the Essex countryside.

HARRY BORDEN - Photographing this month's cover subject Mark Thompson was one of Harry Borden's easier gigs. The pair established a rapport when the Beeb man revealed a secret passion for photography and an admiration for Borden's work. What's the most powerful man in British TV like? 'A real pussycat,' says Borden.

CHRIS BLACKHURST - MT editor-at-large Chris Blackhurst takes a break from his regular Interview slot to bring us pungent insights from HSBC chief exec Michael Geoghegan. The banking crisis's greatest survivor argues that society is as much to blame for the crash as the banks. 'He certainly likes to speak his mind,' says Blackhurst.

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